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Vacation dressing Part II – Panama hat and Le Robe

Posted by Nadia on 1 juni, 2014 · Lämna en kommentar 


Continuing the vacation styling here in Alicante i decided to go for the Panama hat, matching it with this fantastic (but very difficult to wear) robe. I mean where in the city am I supposed to wear it? Nor can I have it as a dress, and believe I have tried. Although I figyred that out earlier that this robe goes very well with denim cut-offs a simple sweater and a big statement necklace. We can talk about that another time.

So basically I never use hats but somehow, when vacationing I feel more liberated to pull off looks I nerver do at home, and try new things. Not that the Panama hat is new, in any way, every blogger worth mentioning has been sporting it for quite a while now. But for my vacation look it`s perfect. And especially with a romantic piece, like this robe, or something lace, or just simply flowy.


 That`s the best thing about travelling. You get to try on your style alter ego, wear pieces you usually don`t wear and realize outfits you have in your head that maybe don`t quite work in the city. For instance this robe with just a bikini under.

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Robe/H & M.
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