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Festivals are catwalks. Do not forget!

Posted by Nadia on 25 juni, 2014 · Lämna en kommentar 


Hat: You can´t attend a festival without the Panama hat.
Plastic, rain proof prints: We love this little pouch, Don´t we?!
Fringes: Do I need to explain this?
Skip the denim and try the skirt: This is pure Angomania.
bikini: Cause you won´t get away with those outside the festival.
Gladiators: Not so rain proof, not so practical but Wow so sexy. 

So tomorrow it´s happening. The first festival as a festival fashion reporter this season is Bråvalla in Sweden, and the line-up is perfect!Kanye West, Lana del Rey, Kings of Leon and on and on and on.

But more important is what I pack to these things. I do not know what it is but people go kind of crazy at festivals, and I love it. I mean every piece of clothing that is ”too much” or that perfect boho or heroin-chic style you can´t pull off at home works so good at festivals. Fashion wise it´s you dare to experiment, you can´t really do that during fashion week. Fashion week is like exams, you just have to pull off perfectly coordinated outfits, to you´re dead woman walking.
Festivals on the other hand or more try outs ore something. Not that you would wear anything you wear on festivals during fashion week, but still. You dare to try it cause what happens on festival stays there.

I´ve said it before and I´m sticking to my guns: Festivals are catwalks. Do not forget!

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