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The oh so necessary Fashion week recap

Posted by Nadia on 8 september, 2014 · 5 kommentarer 

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Since New York fashion week has started it is about time for me to make the last recap from Stockholm fashion week. And aside from the show we already talked about, Dagmar and BACK there were lots of other great things.
Filippa K skipped the whole runway thing just as Dagmar and went for an installation. And yes that was the collection that everybody ended up talking about and yes the collection was very nice. Very Filippa K, classic colors like navy and nude, straight lines and very clean cuts. And the collection was shown with lots of greenery in the background wich fitted the look and the feeling just perfect.

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The high point of Stockholm fashion week is always Altewai.Saome. The styling is always top notch mixing fabrics and different patterns, color blocking monochrome colors. The pieces are always very scandi clean, typical Swedish but still it gives a kind of asian feeling about it. The cuts are kimono-like and the fabrics are light and very flowy. 


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Carin Wester was such a surprise. I was ready for flowy materials and Carin Wester prints in a typical Wester-fashion. But no, out came cool down-town girls wearing my next bag and dreamy over-knee boots. The color palette was neutral and it seems Wester lost the prints and grew up a little bit. 


Pictures: Christian Löveborg

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