Balayage: Hair coloring Balayage

Balayage; what is? The balayage hair coloring technique, the rules for choosing color tones for women of various color types, and the technique of coloring short, medium, and long hair. Balayage coloring is a unique technique of applying dye to the hair. As a result, individual curls become lighter, others darker, and in general, the hair “plays” itself with contrasting colors. Balayage allows you to change the distinctive look of a woman and lasts up to 3 months on the hair.

What is balayage?

The birthplace of this hair color technique is France. Translated from French, “balayage” means “sweep.” It is because coloring creates a sharp contrast between the hair roots and their ends. Sometimes the transition line is blurred, but some hairdressers deliberately make it pronounced.

Usually, this coloring technique is used to give hair a sun-bleached effect. Balayage applies to brunettes and brown-haired women. It’s not customary for blondes to do that.

Explanations are applied to individual strands, and the intensity of coloring is different, which makes it possible to make the hairstyle more natural. With the help of balayage, you can emphasize various haircuts, for example, waterfalls and “ladders.” For balayage, you can use one to three shades of paint. This staining technique is similar to highlighting. However, in the latter case, the strands are colored vertically and with balayage – horizontally. You can highlight only the hair and hair curls with one shade. The more shades applied to the hair during coloring, the more extravagant the result. Sometimes, this technique doesn’t color the ends of the hair but the roots. The resulting consequence is quite unusual and exciting. Unlike regular hair coloring, balayage makes the hair visually more voluminous and gives it a natural look. It is especially true for the dyeing technique, which creates a smooth transition between the colors of the paint on the threads. As a rule, with such coloring, it is not necessary to visit the salon too often to update the balayage. Most often, the roots of the hair are left a natural color, or they are slightly dyed, and the ends are dyed in a different color. Therefore, with the regrowth of curls, the hair roots of a natural color do not look disturbed but combine well with the coloring border – the hairstyle seems natural for a long time.

An exception, in this case, can only be balayage on short hair. When the roots grow back, you should immediately go to the hairdresser to correct the colors. It is not recommended to do balayage more than 4 times a year on medium and long hair.

Regardless of the option of coloring using the balayage technique you choose yourself, the procedure requires a lot of skill and professionalism. Therefore, it is recommended to use the services of a hairstylist to get a beautiful result. Only he will choose the most optimal shades of paint and paint over the threads according to the technique.

Selection of shades when dyeing hair “balayage.”

Before painting balayage, it is essential to decide on the colors used. It is necessary to choose ideal sunglasses that are in harmony with each other and with natural hair color, eyes, and skin.

Balayage on dark hair

Owners of dark strands most often resort to the balayage technique. It is because, on brunettes, this color looks as impressive as possible. Balayage allows such women to emphasize their individuality and create a new bright image. To lighten the curls, brunettes either bleach the strands or dye them in reddish tones.

The following shades are best suited for dark-haired women:

  • Caramel … Using this shade gives you a natural look for slightly faded ends. Suitable for brunettes with “warm” skin tone and brown eyes.
  • Gold and coffee … Such sunglasses are chosen by girls who are not ready for bold experiments and want to preserve their natural naturalness. Looks especially good on tanned and dark-skinned brunettes.
  • Blue and green … These colors are very popular Today. With their help, you get a bright, stylish and memorable image. However, if you are not ready for such a decisive step, you should not choose these tones for yourself. Most often, young girls choose such a bold balayage.
  • Copper and red … The most common balayage shades. The picture is bright but not revolutionary. Usually, these colors are chosen by women in adulthood.

Risky and daring girls, when coloring balayage, prefer bright colors – blue, green, red, and red. The hair with such strands immediately distinguishes the fashionista from the crowd and gnaws their eyes at her. Often you can find bright balayage only on the tips. However, some people prefer to color from the middle of the string. Both options look original and brilliant.

Balayage on light brown hair

Girls with such hair usually prefer golden and light tones. This coloring allows you to preserve naturalness and emphasize individuality.

Will look good on light brown hair:

  • Copper and pearly … These shades are equally suitable for dark blonde and golden blonde curls.
  • Caramel and coffee … Will be an excellent solution for dark blonde girls.
  • Dark chocolate … It will look beautiful and unusual on light blonde strands.
  • Ash and gray colors … Today, they are a fashionable choice among blondes.

Bright blue, green, red-tinted colors … Preferably for young girls. However, they should only be chosen by a professional master to not look ridiculous after coloring. Such coloring is only recommended in the salon. Hence, the hairdresser picks the right tone and applies the paint evenly. Otherwise, you can get the effect of “dyed” hair.

Most often, fair-haired women prefer light shades, which create the effect of natural burnout and visually renew the face. It can be wheat, caramel, or ash colors. The border of the transition between tones, according to the classical technique, should be smooth and blurred. However, in practice, it is often emphasized. It is due to the high exposure of the hair ends.

The balayage option looks very unusual when the ends of the strands are darker than the roots. For this purpose, chocolate, coffee, and dark mahogany colors are perfect. The choice of color for coloring also depends on the color type of the woman. For “autumn,” tones of copper, walnut, chestnut, chocolate, and mahogany are suitable. But it is best to avoid blondes in all their shades. “Winter” will look good with raspberry, ruby, burgundy, navy blue, cool red, and purple balayage. You can choose coffee for coloring. But this model’s warm honey, golden, and orange tones will look bad. The “Spring” color type will be irresistible with honey, amber, golden, light blonde, and chocolate hair tones. But a cold color range does not suit him. For balayage, girls of the “summer” color type should choose a hard scale with pearl, ash, and platinum tones.

Hair color technique Balayazh

Today, there are many different methods by which balayage hair is dyed. Each master independently chooses the one that suits him best. In addition, the choice of painting technique depends on the length of the hair.

Balayage on short hair

Such coloring of short hair makes it possible to add volume to the haircut and appearance – freshness and brightness. Balayage on short hair is much younger. That’s why it’s great for all ages. If you don’t like the resulting coloring, you can cut off the regenerated tips within a month. Among the advantages of Balayazh short hair is the ability to return the natural hair color after the final coloring. Despite many benefits, Balayazh on short hair has some disadvantages.

Among them:

  • It is impossible to hide weak staining. Of course, you can cut your hair, but very few haircuts are too short.
  • The result of this procedure can be a vital part of the hair ends if chosen poor quality or the rules of its use are not followed.
  • It is recommended to paint using the balayage technique from a professional master. Otherwise, the paint can run to the roots, and the result of the coloring can be miserable.
  • Dyeing of short hair is usually done according to the following schedule:
  • Comb the hair carefully and divide it into small strands 3-4 cm in circumference.
  • We comb the selected curl. In this case, the fleece should go only from the bottom up, and the tip should be outside.
  • If the roots are spotted, they must make the strongest bouffant closer to them, and the ends can be left uncombed.
  • Depending on what we paint (roots or tips), we wrap this area with foil on one side.
  • We use hair dye with a special brush. You can use a sponge to apply paint to the strands to achieve a noticeable border between shades.
  • Spread the paint evenly over the prepared thread. During the application process, the composition is shaded as much as possible depending on the length of the hair.
  • Remains of paint can be “brushed off” with a comb. It allows for a more natural result.
  • Wrap each colored string in foil.
  • We keep the color composition on the hair for about 30 minutes. The exposure time can be slightly longer if we want a noticeable contrast between the two tones.

The hairdressing method allows you to transition smoothly from one shade to another. Colored hair looks natural.

You should use a cleanser (super blond) to color balayage on dark hair. It is spread evenly over the strands and kept for no more than 20 minutes. During this time, the natural color becomes lighter by 5-6 shades. It is enough for further staining to get the desired result.

Balayage hair color
Balayage hair color

Balayage on medium hair

It is tough to dye medium hair using the balayage technique. Because if you don’t want to go to the living room, invite an assistant. Medium hair, especially a cascade haircut, is the best choice for Balayazh coloring. Due to the different lengths, bleached strands look magnificent. The original balayage technique involved coloring only the bottom 10-15 cm of hair. Should not have exposed the strings touching the face to paint. However, Today, quite often, such coloring is carried out in the middle of the hair.

The simplest Balayazh on medium hair can be done according to the following layout:

  • We create small tails all over the head with equal space between them. The smaller the bottom, the better the result.
  • We lower the elastic bands from the tail to the required color length—wrap sections of hair from root to flexible with foil.
  • Use the paint with a special brush to release curls from the elastic. We carefully consider the suggestions.
  • After 30 minutes, remove the rubber bands and foil, and rinse the paint.

The lighting technique described involves using a single color that blends well with the natural one. If we talk about triangular, it is worth noting a lot of complexity. It is necessary to create a smooth and natural transition between each note. With this coloring, the composition is first applied to the middle of the strands without affecting the ends. And then, the tips are colored. A professional master can only perform tricolor balayage. He will be able to achieve smooth transitions of borders between tones and combine colors correctly.

Balayage on long hair

The most beautiful and beautiful Balayazh is obtained precisely on long curls. Such coloring will emphasize the beauty of the hair and add delicacy to the image. Balayage for long hair can be performed by one of the methods: by using a solid comb or by dividing the entire mass of hair into separate small ponytails. To make a proper bouffant on long strands is within the power of a professional hairdresser.

At home, Balayazh is easier to paint with a ponytail. It is carried out according to the following system:

  • We divide the strands into many small bundles, form ponytails from them, and fix them with elastic bands at the appropriate height.
  • Use a brush to apply paint to the area from the ends to the elastic, spreading it evenly.
  • We wrap the threads in foil.
  • If you have enough skills, you can do Balayazh gradient. To do this, 20 minutes after the initial use of the color combination of the gum, lower it down and put another color on the ends. We wrap the threads again in foil.
  • We soak for 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

With the help of such a color, you can relatively quickly achieve spectacularly smooth transitions between hair shades.


Balayage is an option for hair color; it is also unpretentious in care. It is an excellent opportunity to create a bright and unusual look. But only under the condition that all rules for the use of paint are respected or carried out by a professional master.

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