How To Tell Your Love Story Through Creative Wedding Photography

Tell Your Love Story Through Creative Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. As you plan this special day, you should capture the essence of your unique love story to reflect your personality and the journey you’ve taken together. That’s where the magic of creative wedding photography comes into play. By collaborating with a … Read more

Why Temperature and Humidity Control is Crucial for Long-term Jewelry Preservation

Crucial for Long-term Jewelry Preservation

Jewelry plays a significant role in expressing ourselves and making bold statements. In fashion, we wear rings, bracelets, earrings, and more to add a touch of luxury to any outfit. For example, adding a necklace to a Sambalpuri shirt and a nice pair of pants provide a clean aesthetic look. The variety of styles gives … Read more

10 Ways AI Is Changing The Fashion Industry

Changing The Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) developments in recent years have revolutionized many industries, including fashion. Although it may seem that the fashion industry is far removed from digital technology at first glance, AI has found its way into nearly every aspect of this creative field!  This technology has helped improve how fashion companies design, market, and manufacture … Read more

Shout out for the Gladiator | NADIAKANDIL

Me last spring sporting my very own over-the-knee gladiator sandals. You´ll see a lot of them this summer Ett par skor som är perfekta för sommaren och som definitivt får för lite uppmärksamhet är Sandalerna med högt skaft. Först tänkte jag bara gladiatormodellen, men vid närmare eftertanke gäller detta alla sandaler som sträcker sig upp…

Is a nice tan so last year? | NADIAKANDIL

I några säsonger nu har vi sett hur baddräkten har kommit tillbaka. Bäldigt 80-tal väldigt Baywatch 90-tal. Men nu har den fått en modern twist och det är väldigt sexigt. Seriöst det vackraste och sexigaste som finns är att skyla sig. En annan paradox som presenterar sig här är att vi sedan några säsonger tillbaka…