Right lipstick for redheads: How to choose?

Right lipstick for redheads; how to choose? What lipstick is suitable for red-haired women of different color types, suitable shades of red, pink, and brown for lip makeup, and basic rules for applying makeup with varying shades of lipstick? Lipstick for redheads is a rather tricky choice because choosing a suitable lipstick that will be in harmony with a rare shade of hair is tricky. When selecting decorative cosmetics for lips, you should consider certain factors: eye color, skin color, and lip shape.

What lipstick suits red eyes?

According to statistics, only ten percent of women can boast of natural red hair color. With such a striking appearance, choosing a lipstick that can emphasize the lips well and not get lost against the background of red hair is pretty tricky. The main rule that red-haired women must follow when choosing a makeup color is that they should do it in warm colors.

Right lipstick for redheads with green eyes

As a rule, red-haired women with green eyes wear light, “sunny” makeup on their faces, making their appearance even more radiant. The perfect lipstick shade for these girls is coral pink. It looks organic on redheads, and a drop of transparent gloss applied to the center of the lower lip will help make it more plump and sultry. Cherry or burgundy lips also go well for such ladies. You can use these sunglasses for evening makeup.

Pink lipstick in warm tones is universal. You can emphasize your lips with cheerful orange, carrot, and terracotta colors. Milk chocolate, peach, and cinnamon lipstick are suitable for discreet makeup. Do not use dark purple lipstick, bright fuchsia colors, or rich cold pink tones in your makeup. Do not use makeup products in dark shades if you have pale skin.

Right lipstick for redheads with brown eyes

Red-haired women with brown eyes are advised to choose darker shades of lipstick. You can use pale pink, creamy, light brown lipstick for daytime makeup. And for the evening, choose more intense shades of hot pink and experiment with cherry lips.

Choose terracotta, peach, and coffee-colored lipstick if you have red hair. It is recommended that the color of the lipstick matches the color of the blush. Remember that the lighter the hair color, the more restrained the color selection of the lipsticks used should be.

Right lipstick for redheads with blue eyes

Usually, women with red hair and blue eyes have pale skin. Under such a color type, you can not use lipstick in dark shades and various bright and catchy colors.

The best tone for such a look is soft pink or translucent coral. This lipstick is suitable for daytime makeup. You can also definitely use a variety of light glazes. For evening makeup, you can use saturated colors: brown tones – coffee with milk, milk chocolate, cinnamon, peach. It can be either satin or matte lipstick.

What color lipstick suits red

Choosing the right shade of lipstick for red hair should be based on many factors. First, you need to consider your color type. Second, choose a lip makeup color for your outfit.

Right lipstick for redheads with red lipstick 

Red lipstick is the image’s highlight, a bright accent to the makeup. Red-haired women have the most difficulty choosing the appropriate red color, as the hair’s natural pigment “drowns” decorative cosmetics.

Since red is one of the most hilarious and versatile shades, you should choose the appropriate shade of red for your lips individually. The main general recommendation is to exclude berry tones of red and cold scarlet. Such tones can only be used as an exception for unique makeup and clothing colors. Too bright red color on milky white skin combined with fire in hair will look striking. This option is only suitable for evening makeup and only with translucent shadows and light blush. Also, for evening makeup, you can choose shades of burgundy and dark red with a warm touch. They will add charm and nobility to the image. However, ensure that the lipstick’s red color does not contain wine and purple color. When choosing a lipstick for everyday use in a red shade, try to choose a tone that is as close to your hair color as possible. If they are light red, then go for peach and coral reds. Lipsticks of terracotta color and red copper are suitable for copper hair. Use light red lipstick shades with carrot notes with caution. They are unsuitable for all women with red hair and can look rude. Red lipstick is quite “demanding” and can only be used together with perfectly smooth skin. First, you must take care of its cleansing with a scrub and moisturizing. After the skin has been cleaned and moisturized. You can start using decorative products according to the following scheme:

  • Use makeup base and foundation. The latter should match in tone with the natural skin color. The foundation can be porcelain, neutral, and slightly pink if you have a “cold” color type. For “warm” red-haired women, you can use a peach or slightly yellowish tone.
  • If there are visible minor imperfections on the skin, remove them with a concealer. We do this on the spot, applying the product with a cross on the defect and gently shading it.
  • Add a little glow to the skin if desired with bronzer applied to the T-zone.
  • We choose the powder that matches the skin tone. It should be translucent, not too dense, so as not to hide the skin’s natural beauty, especially if you do not plan to hide freckles.
  • Apply blush on the cheekbones according to the shape of the face. Their tone should be in harmony with the shade of the hair and set them on fire. Peach, coral, and salmon tones are suitable.
  • Emphasize the brow with a powder pencil or eyeshadow. It is unacceptable to make them too clear or bright in the face. Their tone should be 1-2 points darker than the central part of the hair.
  • Apply a neutral, matte shadow on the upper eyelid without glitter or shimmer. A darker shade is allowed in the outer corner. Pink, peach, cream, and sand shades of eyeshadow will do.
  • If you want to use eyeliner (for example, if your eyes are too light), don’t choose black. Brown little arrows look much more organic in the eyes of red-haired women. It is also advisable to shade them.
  • We also paint the eyelashes with brown ink in two layers.
  • Before applying red lipstick, it is recommended to do a light exfoliating massage with a toothbrush. It will exfoliate small particles in the skin. It will perfectly prepare the surface of the lips for the use of bright decorative cosmetics.
  • Apply foundation to the contours of the lips and blend.
  • Use a moisturizing and emollient lip balm.
  • We retreat from the natural shape of the lips 1 millimeter and draw the border with a pencil of natural or red color (to match the lipstick) to avoid spreading and imprecise product application.
  • Apply lipstick to the lips in small strokes from the center to the corners with a brush.
  • If necessary, dry the lips with a paper napkin and apply another layer of lipstick in the same way. It will make the color more juicy and vibrant.
  • Apply concealer along the lips’ outer contour, preventing lipstick from spreading. You can apply a gloss drop to the center of the lower lip to make the lips look fuller.

Right lipstick for redheads with pink lipstick 

A classic lipstick for red-haired women is coral. However, this option for every day can quickly become tedious, and you want to experiment. Owners of fiery hair can experiment with pink sunglasses. For every day, you should pick up translucent lipsticks of hot pink color. However, avoid pale pink lipstick that looks dull on the lips and makes everything look tacky. Redheads can use coral orange and coral red lipstick. However, if your teeth are not naturally white, you should not get carried away with such shades that will add even more yellowness to your smile.

If you have copper, red, and auburn hair, use a lovely salmon shade of lipstick and peach.

If your skin is very light and looks like porcelain, you can use golden pink, beige-pink lipstick shades. In this case, you have to refuse the classic cold pink color. Also, be careful when choosing a glaze that is too light. It visually implies the fullness of the lips, and they can “dissolve” against the background of pale skin. It is necessary to abandon decorative cosmetics for lips with cold pink mother-of-pearl. Fair skin with this lipstick will have an earthy tone.

A pink lipstick in the “right” shade for red-haired women can be a great addition to daily and evening makeup and extravagant makeup. The main thing is skillfully combining it with skin shade, hair, and decorative cosmetics for the eyes.

Consider an example of bright evening makeup with pink lipstick accented on the eyes:

  • We start by thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the skin.
  • We apply the foundation to the skin based on our color type. Even if you have freckles, the color of the cream should match your skin tone, not the freckles. Otherwise, the face will look too dark.
  • We hide the disadvantages with a concealer, not a thicker base layer. The skin should look fresh and breathe.
  • If necessary, finish to even out the face with a light-textured translucent powder.
  • Use blush according to your skin tone. Coral, peach, golden, and apricot are suitable for “hot.” For “cold” – pink and peach.
  • Draw the line of the eyebrows. Cinnamon will do if you have a “warm” color type, shades of camel hair. For the “cool” undertone, use an ash color. We color the eyebrows with a powder pencil or eyeshadow.
  • Red-haired face with juicy and bright eye makeup. You can use turquoise, emerald, purple, and ultramarine shades under pink lipstick. Choose a color that goes well with your eye color. Apply a lighter shade to the moving lid and a darker shade to the outer corner.
  • Apply some pale shadow with shimmer under the browbone. Shade thoroughly.
  • Using a black pencil or liquid eyeliner, draw neat arrows along the lash line along the upper lid.
  • We paint over the eyelashes with black ink.
  • Apply a small amount to the upper lip and blend well.
  • We clearly outline the lips’ contours with a darker pencil than the lipstick used. You can stick out 1 to 2 millimeters for natural lips.
  • Using a brush on the lips, start from the center and move towards the corners.
  • You can apply a little gloss to the center of your lower lip and blend it to make your lips look fuller.
Right lipstick for redheads
Right lipstick for redheads

Right lipstick for redheads with brown lipstick 

Redheads should be careful when choosing a brown shade of lipstick, as not all shades will suit them, and some, on the contrary, will be able to describe a bright appearance. Most women with red hair are suited to terracotta and cinnamon lipsticks. But should avoid bright brown and too dark decorative products. These colors will make the lips look narrower, and the makeup, in general, will be heavier. In addition, they visually add age to a woman. For everyday makeup, you can experiment with a nude brown color with pink notes. You can use both matte and glossy lipsticks. True, in the case of nude sunglasses, it is still better to give a glossy preference since dullness combined with a pale color will hide the fullness of the lips even more. For evening makeup, you can use shades of coffee with milk, milk chocolate, and burgundy brown colors. Be sure to keep them in a warm palette. Brown lipstick is quite moody. To avoid “miss” in makeup with such a shade of decorative cosmetics for lips in the nineties, you should follow simple rules when this color is trendy. First, don’t highlight the lips with too contrasting a pencil. Secondly, combining the lipstick according to the blush and shade is essential so that the skin looks fresh and not “painful.”

Consider a simple but effective makeup scheme with brown lipstick:

  • We perform procedures to cleanse and moisturize the skin thoroughly.
  • BB cream can be a foundation, especially if you have clear skin with no visible blemishes.
  • Powder your face with a firm or loose product.
  • We highlight the areas of the cheekbones and cheeks with a powder darker than the general tone. We don’t use a classic pink or red blush in this case. They don’t go well with brown lipstick.
  • We emphasize the line of the eyebrows with a pencil or shadow. Remember that the eyebrows should be 1-2 shades darker than the hair roots.
  • Choose the upper movable eyelid with light golden shadows. Apply a darker brown color to the outer corner of the eye. We shade the cosmetics carefully. Don’t get too carried away with dark clouds. They will make the makeup heavier, which is unacceptable for brown lipstick.
  • We emphasize the eyelashes with black or brown mascara.
  • Apply a primer to the lips to even out the surface and enhance the lipstick.
  • We outline the contour with a pencil, but the color matches the lipstick. In addition, it can be slightly shaded.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush from the center to the corners. If necessary, wipe off the first layer with a napkin and apply the second.
  • To make your makeup more expressive, apply a translucent gloss with glitter particles over the lipstick.

Right lipstick for redheads trendy in 2022

In the new season, “eternal classics” are in fashion – various red colors on the lips. Not all redheads can face scarlet lipstick, but you can easily pick up reds in warmer tones to match your color type and be trendy at the same time. It will be fashionable this summer to create orange lips. If the natural whiteness of your teeth allows you, then do not hesitate to combine such an orange lipstick with your hair color and freckles. A noble shade of burgundy for women with reddish hair. It complements the elegant evening makeup and makes the image “richer” and calmer. Juicy pink this summer will also attract attention. Light pink colors with a warm undertone look good under red hair.


Choosing the Right lipstick for redheads is not easy because there are many shades of red, and one should approach the choice of decorative cosmetics for lips individually. It is necessary to consider the color of the skin and eyes and the time of day you will use this or that lipstick.

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