Beauty Hacks: Tips & Tricks That Actually Work

Beauty Hacks

Beauty hacks; it seems like there’s a new one that goes viral every week. But do they actually work?  The internet is full of many creative, weird, and sometimes questionable beauty hacks that claim to be life-changing. While that may be an exaggerated claim, some of these hacks do yield great results. Finding out which … Read more

Right lipstick for redheads: How to choose?

Right lipstick for redheads

Right lipstick for redheads; how to choose? What lipstick is suitable for red-haired women of different color types, suitable shades of red, pink, and brown for lip makeup, and basic rules for applying makeup with varying shades of lipstick? Lipstick for redheads is a rather tricky choice because choosing a suitable lipstick that will be … Read more

Balayage: Hair coloring Balayage

Balayage hair color

Balayage; what is? The balayage hair coloring technique, the rules for choosing color tones for women of various color types, and the technique of coloring short, medium, and long hair. Balayage coloring is a unique technique of applying dye to the hair. As a result, individual curls become lighter, others darker, and in general, the … Read more

Face masks with vitamins

Face masks with vitamins

Face masks with vitamins; how do you make them at home? Pros and contraindications for using face masks with vitamins. Practical recipes for moisturizing the skin, smoothing wrinkles, and improving color. Real reviews. Face masks with vitamins are products designed to eliminate fine wrinkles, moisturize, saturate the skin with valuable substances, and even tone. You … Read more